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Breach fires powerful, targeted kinetic blast to aggressively clear a path through enemy ground. The dame and disruption he inflicts ensures no fight is even fair.

Role: Initiator


EQUIP a seismic blast. HOLD FIRE to increase the distance. RELEASE to set off the quake, dazing all players in its zone and in a line up to the zone

This ability allows Breach to send Seismic Blast that goes through cover and when it hits your opponents – it dazes or concussive them – which is incredibly powerful. When target is dazed, he’s going to have stars over his head and not be able to shoot as quickly which makes him much easier to focus down. As with a lot of abilities in Valorant you are able to aim it using the mini-map to know where it’s going to go. Charging up Fault Line make it go even a greater distance. If you are safe behind the cover – looking to breach an enemy who is quite far away – you can spend the time to charge this ability to increase its distance. With all signature abilities agents will get them at least once every round from the start and each one has a different mechanic on how it comes back. Breach’s after use goes on a 35 second cooldown which means you can basically use it every fight. Right now it’s one of the stronger abilities in the game.


EQUIP a fusion charge. FIRE the charge to set a slow-acting burst through the wall. The burst does heavy damage to anyone caught in its area

Breach also has other tools for punishing campers. Aftershock is a slow-acting burst of damage through a wall. Targets that are far away from you don’t get hurt very much but if Aftershock hits a target perfectly, it can one-shot. Especially with teamwork and the combination of other utility this ability can punish someone through a wall to one-hit kill them or at the very least – apply a little bit of pressure damage when you are trying to siege an area.


EQUIP a blinding charge. Fire the charge to set a fast-acting burst through the wall. The charge detonates to blind all players looking at it

If you are coming from CS:GO this ability will be quite comfortable to use. Just like in case of other Breach’s abilities, Flashpoint allows you to target it on a wall and after a delay pops a flash that blinds everybody that’s looking at it. In Valorant when a targets are flashed, their eyes will be glowing to indicate that you have flashed them. They can turn away from it to reduce its effects a bit or entirely and there is a delay before it explodes. You can see bright orange flash before you get blinded. It’s tricky to turn around fast, but it’s possible. Delayed charge allows you to set up the flash for yourself and peek in front of it or right after. Either way Breach has a lot of tools in order to initiate the fight.


EQUIP a Seismic Charge. FIRE to send a cascading quake through all terrain in a large cone. The quake dazes and knocks up anyone caught in it

This is like an upgraded version of his signature ability where it emits out a Seismic Charge but the area of effect is massive and it doesn’t require you to charge up for it to begin rolling out. However, it does have a little bit of delay for it to push outwards. You can basically press it immediately, but Breach will announce it with a voice line, so your enemies do have time to respond – it’s not going to hit them instantly. But when it does hit them, it dazes your targets and knocks them up in the air. Targets that are in air don’t have accuracy so dazed effect blurs their vision a bit and slows down their fire rate. Possibly the strongest ultimate in the game at the moment.


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