23 / 03 / 20

Recently Riot gave us a little bit information about how they are planning to balance their upcoming game. They admitted that in many aspects Valorant will use experience that developers gathered while making League of Legends.


From interviews with Valorant creators we learn that balance approach will be similar to the one used in their biggest title. It means that professional players are going to be the most important while balancing stats, heroes or weapons.

“Regarding balance, we’ll be following LoL’s basis. We will prioritize pro-level balance but will keep it acceptable to general users by considering the reactions in communities and feedback. If an OP agent appears, rather than reacting immediately, we’ll carefully analyze the situation and fix the problem reasonably.”

Trevor Romleski

Obviously it doesn’t mean that Riot will not pay any attention to the rest of the community. It only means that they have a lot of trust for the knowledge of pro players about what is good or bad for the game.

League of Legends was frequently in place where players had to face overpowered champions. The best example from recent months was Aphelios who had many different weapons and several skills. In few weeks a lot of negative feedback appeared and eventually champion has been banned from the game. After all, we need to admit that in the past Riot was manage to extinguish the fire and fix overpowered champions relatively fast.

In Valorant there will be certainly something to do. Right now there are 8 characters in the game that developers call “Agents”, at launch there will be 10. That number can cause a little bit of trouble. We need to be aware that first months might be hard to balance but further into the future Riot will get a better feel on what is better for the game.

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