23 / 03 / 20

We already know a lot about Valorant. Due to new information we are getting a better sense of Riots philosophy for their new FPS game.


Competitive in Valorant will be extremely important. We are all aware that Riot is strongly focused on esports. We already know that balance in Valorant will be made based on professional players feedback.

It’s confirmed that there will be skill based matchmaking in the game. Probably similar to the one in League of Legends where players are divided in specific divisions, from Iron to Challenger. It’s worth mentioning that rankeds WILL NOT be available at the release. They will be added later on.

Agents progress

Valorant is going to have a progression system. From the beginning players will have a chance to unlock items for their agents, but we have to be aware that all the items will be cosmetics only. You will not be able to unlock an item that gives you an advantage over your opponent or influence the gameplay in any way. Also, we will see some special in game currency that will allow gamers to buy more “free” items. Valorant is not going to have loot boxes.
Agents in Valorant will have their own missions. During close alpha tests players could see a menu which contained missions for specific agents. Some of the missions will use the well known structure from League of Legends where you have to buy the mission first (using in game currency) in order to unlock it.

Battle pass

It should not be a surprise that Riot decided to add this feature into their new game. Probably this system will work the same as in Call of Duty, Fortnite or Apex Legends, but with a small difference: we are not going to see any character skins, at least not at launch.

More about valorant

More about valorant