How to play Valorant beta?

30 / 03 / 20

Curious gamers are waiting for Riot’s announcement of upcoming beta. New informations reveal Valorant beta release date and how to sign up.

Recently we talked about closed beta for content creators that took place on March 27. Those information proved to be true. Influential people from gaming community already had the chance to try out Valorant. This is not surprising to anyone but “regular people” want to know when they can start playing as well.

April 7th

Valorant CLOSED Beta is about to start on April 7th around 2PM CET. Way to sign up will be the same as in case of Legends of Runeterra. Access to beta will be obtained through drops – watching streamers designated by Riot will allow you to get beta entrance. For now there is no predetermined amount of players limit. However, we can assume that drops will depend on servers capacity and Riot’s capabilities.

Earned progress throughout the beta will not be transferred to the final game. There will also be in-game currency which you can buy. Unlike progress, those points will be moved to final version of the game with additional bouns of 20%.

How to sign up?

1. Create your Riot account. (if you played other Riot’s games and have an account already, you don’t have to create new one)

2. Go here and click “Sign in”

2. Connect your Riot account to Twitch.

3. Check your notification settings if section “Gifts and Rewards” is turned on.

4. Watch specific Valorant streams. Make sure that streamer you watching have drops enabled. Remember that access will be awarded randomly.

Remember that if you want to increase your chances to get the beta – you can’t create multiple accounts and watch the streams. Apparently you can’t even mute the stream since that will not count you as a viewer.

We don’t know when beta is going to end, but developers are planing to add new regions ( at launch five regions will be supported: Canada, USA, Russia, Turkey, or Europe ) and gather feedback from players to prepare the best product for final release.

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