Lore in Valorant. How the game’s history will be told?

27 / 03 / 20

As we know now Valorant will be world of its own. The game has no connection with League of Legends. For some people this might be disappointing but we think this is awsome since it means we get to know a lot about new world that the Valorant team is creating.

How Riot is planning to tell the story of Valorant?

The game will have its own entity in which all agents can have special powers. The world is based on ours since characters are from countries we all know. For example Viper is from the United States and Jett is from Korea.

The world of Valorant is a different take on what our world could be and has been well thought out. We will learn more about the world until the launch of the game, but it doesn’t stop there. Large amount of story telling will be told in game. We will learn more about characters while playing them or against them. Valorant will tell its story by showing rather than telling. The environment in the game will tell us a lot of about the world and the relationship agents have with it. Obviously some of the information will come from outside the game.

We can safely assume that we will learn more about Valorant heroes through voice lines in game and environmental story telling. This is a system that should be familiar to Overwatch players where characters react to each other and have special voice lines depending on the interaction between them. League of Legends does it as well, when champions enter the battle they have unique voice lines and some of them respond to each other.

If Valorant became as big as we hope it will get, we can expect more content like cinematics or comic books that will give us even more exciting information about the amazing world of the game.

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