Valorant closed beta for streamers

27 / 03 / 20

New leaks indicates that Valorant beta can start sooner than we expected.

So far all the informations about the upcoming beta have proved to be wrong. 3 weeks ago after the first gameplay reveal we learned about the planned event for influencers in March. Unfortunately due to spread of coronavirus around the world the event has been canceled and invited people got this message:

“It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel our VALORANT gameplay capture events this month in Los Angeles and Barcelona. Due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding COVID-19, as a company, we need to stan by our policy of puttying Players first, and unfortunately this mean steering away from our original plans to meet you in person at our event […]
Looking forward to seeing you (digitally) soon,

Thanks to this information we know that beta is being prepared and when its ready, content creators will have a chance to try it out first.

During one of the “OfflineTV” podcasts, streamer “scarra” who has the connections in Riot Games said the following:

27 March

At this moment it’s almost sure that there will be CLOSED beta for content creators happening this Friday at 1 PM Eastern Time. Popular streamer “TimTheTatman” mentioned that he will be doing a “thing” that day. Viewers immediately connected this with Valorant but as you can hear in this clip he couldn’t confirm or deny anything – also Tim will not be able to stream it.

It wouldn’t be anything special about this, but people started asking other streamers about Valorant beta and then “xQc” confirmed it.

After that, people connected all the information, and someone on Reddit posted a clip of professional CS:GO player “Smooya” who said that he will be able to play Valorant this friday.

Apparently all invited influencers can’t broadcast the gameplay, but we don’t know for sure if that’s because Riot wants to keep secrets for now or they want to transmit it through their own channel and give away keys for the rest of the world. Either way we should definitely be exited for upcoming days.

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