23 / 03 / 20

You will still be able to spend some money – fortunately only for cosmetics.

Since Riot revealed first Valorant gameplay, there haven’t been a day where we didn’t learn anything new about the game. According to what have been promised since the beginning, Valorant will run on basically every PC and it will be free to play.

So if you don’t have to pay for the game, how developers want to make profit? Based on recent trends in gaming there will be no loot boxes in Valorant but interested people will be able to buy cosmetic items. At this moment we only heard about weapon skins and sprays but possibly we can expect some characters skins in the future but the last one will require some thought process since creators want to make sure that hero cosmetics will not influence the gameplay. For instance – lighter skins might be much easier to spot.

Cosmetics will not only be able to buy, but players are going to have the chance to unlock them by simply playing (Although it’s not confirmed that there will not be any skins possible to unlock only by purchasing). Riot is also thinking about the cosmetics which evolve by progressing in game.

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More about valorant