Sova Beginner’s Guide

15 / 04 / 20

Sova tracks, finds and eliminates enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision. His custom bow and incredible scouting abilities ensure that even if you run, you cannot hide.

Role: Initiator


EQUIP a bow with recon bolt. FIRE to send the recon bolt forward activating upon collision and revealing the location of nearby enemies caught in the line of sight of the bolt. Enemies can destroy this bolt. HOLD FIRE to extend the range of the projectile. ALTERNATE FIRE to add up to two bounces to this arrow

Sova is second Initiator alongside Breach but whereas Breach has more direct dual set-ups, Sova is more about gaining information. His signature ability allows you to shoot the arrow that will mark enemies. The enemy will see on the mini-map and in front of them that this very important Recon Bolt is on them but if you place it at the right angle, you can obscure it to get better use out of it. If the enemies got to shoot it, they can’t shoot you at the same time.

It’s possible to set up peeks with it. Especially if you are going to be trading out with your team. Keep in mind that everything that affects you in this game (if it’s line of sight depended) which this is – smokes block off its effect. Unless it’s a penetrate ability, vision obscuring effects stop things like this from hitting the enemies. You can’t recon them in a smoke unless it’s hollow.

Charging up the bow will increase the speed that it travels also the distance. Hitting the alternate fire allows you to set up to bounce. You can do two bounces if you want though it’s going to take some mastery to really learn. Some good spots across the map where you can set up to bounce the Recon Bolt multiple times for it to land exactly where you want. Important to remember that at least right now — Valorant has no skybox — all the abilities can be used from long distance if you can find a place to make them work. Recon Bolt goes on a 35-second cooldown like all signature abilities in the game.


EQUIP a bow with a shock bolt. FIRE to send the explosive bolt forward, detonating upon collision and damaging player nearby. HOLD FIRE to extend the range of the projectile. ALTERNATE FIRE to add up to two bounces to this arrow

This will function just like the Recon Bolt but have a damaging effect in a small AOE. If you hit somebody with this, it does quite a lot of damage (around 90). However, it does have fall off and just like the Recon Bolt you can set to bounce it around the corners. Whereas most Valorant agents have damage abilities that last on the ground, while this one is instant, just as a burst of damage.


EQUIP and owl drone. FIRE to deploy and take control of movement of the drone. While in control of the drone, FIRE to shoot a marking dart. This dart will reveal the location of any player struck by the dart

This ability lets you set out a recon drone that you can fly around and spot enemies. It has very deliberate, limited sensitivity and movement so that it’s a bit difficult to wield. But, it’s a free peek that just like with Cypher’s Spy cam if you mark a target you will be able to know exactly where they are. Owl Drone is good to use when there is a lot of smokes in your way or if you want to find out if an enemy is lurking around the corner without risking your life. Probably it’s best used when you are first peeking ahead of a teammate to spot out enemies for him.


EQUIP a bow with three long-range, wall piercing energy blasts. FIRE to release an energy blast in a line in front of Sova, dealing damage and revealing the location of enemies caught in the line. This ability can be RE-USED up to two more times while the ability timer is active

Hunter’s Fury allows Sova to shoot up to three times a wall piercing energy blast that damages and potentially kills enemies through walls. If you hit them with it, they will be marked. At the very worst they will be spotted out to be finished. If you know exactly where they are (defusing a bomb or camping in the smoke) , you can take them out easily. Keep in mind that you have to use them immediately or you won’t get all three of its uses if wait any moment. Without firing it off you are going to lose a use and it doesn’t have infinite range, though it does kind of far. You will want to be in a doable distance before you pull it out because once you do – you need to shoot immediately.


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